ShahZaM off to Hot Start with compLexity

After a controversial departure from OpTic, ShahZaM joined forces with Stanislaw in compLexity with the goal of reviving the legendary compLexity name in North American Counter-Strike. The process is expected to be slow, and they have to start small -- but they're off to a great start so far and ShahZaM has been performing lights out.
The first few reactions to his recent performance are easily predictable. We can expect a couple of: "those stats don't matter, he's playing against tier 5 NA teams", "yeah those are good stats but let me know when he plays against real teams".

There is some truth to those statements. There are a couple of North American teams that aren't particularly "serious competitors" right now, such as ez money crew, entourage, and hysteria. However, his performance has remained consistent across competitive North American teams like eUnited, Digntias, Rogue, and Mythic -- teams that are all top 10 in North America.

So let's cut straight to it:

ShahZaM since joining compLexity has had a 1.45 average rating, which is extremely high. This is accumulated from 376 rounds played and 15 maps. He has yet to have a negative rating, and one KD that didn't have a positive plus / minus. Meaning, his KD has been positive for 14 out of 15 games.

His overall KD ratio has been 1.61, and averages 89.4 ADR.

ShahZaM also has a 68.4% success in opening duels, with a 2.17 opening kill ratio which is derived from 78 opening kills and 36 opening deaths.

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Despite his opponents not being Liquid or Cloud9, or any teams outside of North America, these stats are still impressive regardless. What these stats tell us is that ShahZaM does not belong at the current level he's competing at. He belongs with the very top of North America, and competitive international teams.

This is great news for the compLexity squad as they now have an AWPer that is pulling towards the top of the region -- which is something that compLexity as a team has been striving to do for a long while now.

ShahZaM is on the path of helping compLexity reattain competitiveness in North America, which will then open up international pathways for them, which is the ultimate goal for the team.

Readers who don't reach the end of this article, or who only read titles, will most likely only discuss about how his opponents aren't top tier North American teams -- quick to dismiss his performance. However, his recent performance calls for joyous praise from compLexity fans as this is a huge sign that they're getting ready to compete with the best in the region.