NRG's Ethan "nahtE" Arnold Shines

Ethan "nahtE" Arnold is an 18-year-old North American player for NRG that has recently risen as one of North America's most promising fraggers. NahtE poses a threat to every team he faces off against, and he's been put up against some of the world's most challenging top 20 teams. He has faced the likes of G2, Renegades, Liquid, Cloud9, and SK.

Back in August 2016, nahtE described in an interview with Xenon from Unikrn his situation with competing in Esports at such a young age:

"I’d figured out a way to move my classes around so I had enough time to do most, if not all, my work at school, so I had plenty of time to practice with my team. When I told my parents about being on a pro team and all the perks that came with it, they were really happy and excited for me. When I told them I had to move across the country to live a the gaming house… that was another story. I had to get them on multiple calls with staff from CLG, and they had to make sure that everything was perfect over there before I could even think about moving. In the end, they talked to enough people, saw enough pictures, and talked to me enough about it that they were okay with letting me fly out."
Now, NahtE has become one of North America's best fraggers. Here are his statistics:

As of the last 3 months, NahtE has a 1.31 average rating, and at one point had a 31 1+ rating streak. Meaning, he didn't have a negative rating in 31 games. NahtE also has a 1.26 KD ratio, and 91.3 ADR.

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NahtE has the 5th best rating from the past 3 months, behind XANTARES, dexter, yuurih, and s1mple. At just the age of 18, nahtE is playing at a level that most can only wish to reach after long years of experience.

NahtE has made a huge improvement from when he first joined CLG, which is expected considering CLG was his first big-org team. He has become a lot more consistent, and is now a prominent piece for NRG's success.

NahtE helped lead NRG to first in ECS Season 5 North America, where he had a 1.38 total rating throughout the entire ECS season 5.

With the progress NahtE has made in the past year, we can only anticipate greater achievements in the future for the young rising star.