Magisk: IEM Sydney 'almost' MVP

Had Astralis won the grand finals and didn't get clean sweeped versus FaZe, Magisk could have very well been the tournament MVP. His performance, even throughout the grand finals, was been one of the best in the tournament. Magisk would be competing against GuardiaN and NiKo for the MVP award, as they were all very close races. Magisk posed a 1.30 average rating throughout the tournament across 11 maps while GuardiaN had a 1.22 average rating from 17 maps, seeing how FaZe lost to Renegades early in the group stage. NiKo had a 1.23 average from 17 maps.

GuardiaN ultimately wins the award for having a strong performance across 6 more maps than Magisk, and for having a much greater overall impact on the map that led FaZe to a grand finals victory. However, as a runner up to the MVP award, Magisk's performance at IEM Sydney should not be ignored.

Magisk only had 1 negative rating throughout the entire tournament, which was the 3rd map against FaZe in the grand finals. His best performance was against Mousesports, in which he almost pulled Astralis over the line to a victory in OT on Inferno, although the team ultimately lost. Magisk had a 1.68 rating and a 37-22 scoreline in that match. Arguably Magisk also had a similar performance against FaZe in the second map of the grand finals, where he had a 40-29 KD and a 1.43 rating.

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Magisk also finished the tournament with a 1.33 KD ratio and 88.1 ADR, and 0.83 kills per round, which was the highest in the tournament.

Magisk, as he had the highest rating int he tournament, had his best tournament with Astralis, and one of his best since he was playing for Dignitas.

Unfortunately for Emil 'Magisk' Reif, none of these fancy statistics really matter considering his team lost in the grand finals. However, a week from now these stats may be looked back upon by Magisk and remind him of the impact he can have for his team. Astralis is still looking like one of the best teams in the world, and a couple more stellar performances from him could result in many more attempts at a grand final in the future.