Furia's Yuurih has been dominating Brazil

Over the past couple of months, FURIA has been destroying everyone within the Brazilian leagues, pushing themselves to the top of their region. One of the main contributors have been 18-year-old Yuri 'yuurih' Gomes, who has been dominating with the rifle.

Yuurih joined FURIA at the end of 2017 after being a highly sought after talent. He ended up settling with FURIA under the leadership of spacca, who's the teams main AWPer and has been competing in Counter-Strike since 2006.

Yuurih, in 2018, has had a 1.40 average rating, which is the highest on his team. Without considering the varying level of competitiveness, Yuurih's rating is the highest in the world. He has also only had 6 negative ratings out of his last 65 games, showing consistency in his dominating performances.

Yuurih, as a rifler (entry-fragger), has had a 1.44 KD ratio and averages an astonishing 97.3 ADR. He's been a killing machine for his team, and is definitely one of the most feared players in Brazil right now. He's been averaging around 22 kills per game from his last 11 games so far.

The young fragger also has yet to have a negative event rating in 2018 so far, playing in leagues like ESL Latin America League, ESL Brazil Premier League, Alienware Liga Pro Gamers Club, and the ESL One Belo Horizonte South America Closed Qualifier, where he averaged a 1.55 KD ratio and a 1.40 rating from 7 maps at the event.

If you watch demos of Yuurih you'll immediately notice some specific traits that'll explain why he's such a good fragger. Yuurih has steady aim that he combines with precise cross hair placement -- comparable to how Xantares' crosshair placement is highly regarded as one of the best.

Yuurih also plays in positions that gives him the biggest advantage possible when taking duels. For example, simple things like jumping up onto triple box at A site Mirage so he can watch CT as a Terrorist, revealing only his head, are the little things that gives him huge advantages.

You can watch a demo of Yuurih going 34-16 against ex-Tempo Storm here.

FURIA is currently ranked as the 4th best team in Brazil at the moment according to HLTV rankings, and although Yuurih's recent performances have been stellar, only time will tell how legit of a player he is. We'll need to see him play against teams outside of the South American region in order to have a proper judgement. However, if there's one thing for sure, it's that Yuurih is on the right track to potentially become an impactful player for Brazil.

header image of Yuurih credit to Felipe Guerra @guerraesports