5/16/18 ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals Predictions

Grayhound Vs. Renegades

Despite facing a Space Soldiers that wasn't even planning on attending this tournament, Renegades looked about as bad as they could possibly be. Their CT side on Inferno was pretty much non-existent and Space Soldiers tore them apart. 

Grayhound had a similar situation. They had no T side on Cache and were demolished by Liquid. 

Both of these teams had terrible performances, but we're still going to pick Renegades to win here just because they are a better team with a lot more experience. Even though they had a lacking game against Space Soldiers, part of it was due to their economy getting abolished on CT inferno which made it hard to string together any rounds. I would expect Renegades to turn it around in the second game and beat Grayhound, who just isn't as good of a team individually. 

Pick: Renegades

OpTic Vs. NiP

OpTic looked dead against Astralis, a result that we expected. NiP, on the other hand, lost it in overtime against SK. NiP is a much better team when compared to OpTic who just looks awful at the moment. This one is a simple pick and what we saw from NiP was satisfactory even though they had a couple of thrown away rounds. OpTic is just too bad right now for us to even consider them winning. OpTic even lost 4-16 to Renegades who just got destroyed by Space Soldiers on that map. 

Our pick here is simple. NiP will take this one.

Pick: NiP

Cloud9 Vs. Heroic/Na'Vi

This is the Group A lower bracket semi-final, and whoever loses between Heroic and Na'Vi will face Cloud9. We're not going to go too much in detail here because we don't know who they're playing against just yet, but either way, we think Cloud9 will be losing this BO3 just because they don't look like they're in form this tournament.

Pick: Heroic/Na'Vi

Space Soldiers Vs. Liquid

We were pleasantly surprised by Space Soldiers' performance against Renegades. Very impressive considering the circumstances. However, Liquid is a difficulty above Renegades, and I don't think Space Soldiers is prepared enough to take down Liquid. Like we said earlier, Space Soldiers wasn't even going to compete in this tournament, so they shouldn't have enough prepared right now to take down Liquid.

We're not on the Space Soldiers hype just yet.

Pick: Liquid

Mousesports Vs. NRG/MVP.PK

This is the Group A lower bracket semi-final, and we can pretty much assume that NRG will be defeating MVP.PK and moving on to face Mousesports. Considering that matchup, we will give it to Mousesports to take the BO3.

Mousesports is a top 5 team and NRG is still trying to find their way into a world-class label. NRG just aren't on the same level as Mousesports at the moment, and they're going to get torn apart by Oskar. Not to mention chrisJ's huge AWP presence.

Pick: Mousesports

SK Vs. Astralis

SK barely got by NiP, but Astralis are still looking like they're in championship form. Their game against OpTic was dominant and fundamentally sound. Everything is running well for Astralis right now, while SK are scrapping together wins. It's not a good look for SK at the moment, and they're still struggling to find an identity with coldzera now calling and Stewie2k still trying to find a consistent spot within the team.

Astralis doesn't play around, and they'll tear SK apart unless they have something up their sleeves.

Pick: Astralis