5/16/18 Asia Championships Predictions

Fierce Tiger Vs. VG.Flash

Fierce Tiger pulled off a surprising upset against TyLoo that put them on our boards. TyLoo was playing without Mo as he's currently injured, but Fierce Tiger still had an impressive performance to beat TyLoo 2-1. They currently have some experienced players that formerly competed with some players on VG.Flash back when Cyberzen and Tyloo were the main teams in China. 

VG.Flash is China's "super team" of some sort, and they've been looking on fire recently. They're one of the most exciting teams in China right now, and their results have been good. 2-0's against 5POWER, 2-1 IMBA.SAS, 2-0 ROAR, 2-0 Recca. Those aren't necessarily the best teams in Asia but it shows that they're staying consistent and competitive. 

Fierce Tiger has had some solid wins against MFC and TyLoo, but I don't think they stand any chance against VG.Flash. They just don't match up to the firepower of VG.Flash and they aren't looking as coordinated as they could be. 

This should be a sweep for VG.Flash. The super team should win easily in this one.

Pick: VG.Flash

TyLoo Vs. MFC

TyLoo will still be playing with bottle as Mo is out with an injury. MFC has surprisingly gotten some decent results at this tournament. They've beaten EHOME and RTB so far, and took a map off of Fierce Tiger. Those are good results for a roster like MFC that isn't really known for its heavy fire power. 

TyLoo has been looking decent besides their initial blunder against Fierce Tiger. I expect them to be returning back to form and could potentially win this tournament. 

BnTeT is literally miles ahead of anyone on MFC and he should have a fun match here. Pretty much everyone on TyLoo are much more experienced than MFC and should be able to control this game to their liking. 

I would be surprised to see TyLoo lose this one -- although it is a slight possibility considering they're using bottle. However, your best bet is that TyLoo just continues with business as usual here.

Pick: TyLoo