5/15/18 ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals Predictions

Cloud9 Vs. FaZe

FaZe seems to be taking it "easy" after their Sydney grand final victory, which is a good thing for people who enjoy betting. FaZe are vulnerable to upsets right now. Cloud9 hasn't played too much since Sydney. The only match we've seen them in is versus Rogue, in which it looked like your typical Cloud9 beating on sub-tier NA teams. 

The favorites for this FaZe Vs. Cloud9 match is obviously FaZe, but the advantage isn't as big as people think. This is a best-of-one, and FaZe isn't in their best form right now. In fact, they jsut lost to EnVyUs who is struggling immensely. Cloud9 is definitely a team that could pull off a BO1 against FaZe, considering they are very structured under FNS. 

This match will be a 50/50, and could easily go either way. With that being said, most people should pull for Cloud9 to win here, seeing how they're big underdogs on most betting websites.

Pick: Cloud9

Mousesports Vs. Sharks

Sharks are an above average Brazilian team, but they're nowhere near Mousesports level. Mouseseports is an arguably top 5 team in the world, but Sharks aren't even considered in the top 50. This should be a very easy win for Mouseseports -- one of their easiest wins of the year. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Sharks can get a few rounds here since Mousesports most likely won't be "trying" too hard. But don't expect Mousesports to even come close to losing this one.

Pick: Mousesports

NRG Vs. Heroic

Heroic is taking the place of HellRaisers who had to drop out due to visa issues. With that being said, Heroic is probably not as prepared as NRG. Heroic and NRG have yet to face each other this year, or even ever. Heroic has been looking mediocre at best recently, losing to AGO, and pulling a couple of close games against EnVyUs. 

NRG has been in really good form recently and they're looking like they could be the next North American team to make a splash internationally. I just don't see Heroic having enough fire power to match nahtE's fire year so far. Heroic's niko will need to have a stellar performance in order for them to beat NRG, and I just can't see Heroic taking 2 maps against the rising North American team. 

Pick: NRG

MVP.PK Vs. Natus Vincere

Normally this would be a trap game, with MVP.PK potentially being able to pull off an upset against Natus Vincere. However, due to both of these teams recent performances, it just doesn't seem possible for MVP.PK to upset in this one.

MVP.PK looks like they haven't been making progress. It's like their stock has been rising slowly but all of a sudden crashed. Losing to Recca and 5POWER are huge losses for the Korean team. On the contrary, Natus Vincere has been on the rise and they've been looking great. Especially S1mple, who will most likely destroy the MVP.PK players. 

No chance for MVP.PK to win this one. None at all.

Pick: Natus Vincere

Liquid Vs. Grayhound

Grayhound defeated SK and took a map off of FaZe at IEM Sydney, so there is some hope for them to pull off the upset against Liquid. However, I'm calling those games a fluke just because I don't think the Grayhound roster is ready yet to consistently have those types of performances. Dexter has been a great player for Grayhound, but there's simply not enough firepower or coordination for them to compete against Liquid.

Liquid are looking like they're in solid form at the moment, and I don't think they will be losing to Grayhound.

Pick: Liquid

Space Soldiers Vs. Renegades

Prior to this match, Space Soldiers have been struggling to find victories. They've lost to FaZe, Mousesports, and Gambit as of recent. Respectable teams but they've been really bad losses. Renegades, on the other hand, has been looking like a promising team that is really starting to grow. I think this game has potential to be a close one, but considering that they're using DESPE as a stand-in for Calyx, I think Renegades will pull this one out in the end.

This will be a close game, but I would expect Renegades to be able to close it out.

Pick: Renegades

OpTic Vs. Astralis

OpTic has looked terrible recently. Astralis has been looking great. That's pretty much all you need to know. I expect this to be a clean and easy game for Astralis, as OpTic is just on the downfall and I see no path for them to recover.

No need to waste too much time on this game. Astralis will be your winners. Almost certain.

Pick: Astralis

SK Vs. NiP

Probably one of the most interesting games of the day, considering SK and NiP are both super inconsistent right now with high ceilings. SK just defeated Liquid, but also lost to Luminosity and Grayhound before that. NiP on the other hand just beat Virtus.Pro, but lost to G2. Considering how both of these teams have been performing as of late, it's a fairly close match and it'll be difficult to pick a winner. However, I think that NiP has more structure to them right now while SK is still trying to figure things out. 

With that being said, I believe that NiP will defeat SK in this one.

Pick: NiP