5/16/18 ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals Predictions

Grayhound Vs. Renegades Despite facing a Space Soldiers that wasn't even planning on attending this tournament, Renegades looked about as bad as they could possibly be. Their CT side on Inferno was pretty much non-existent and Space Soldiers tore them apart. 
Grayhound had a similar situation. They had no T side on Cache and were demolished by Liquid. 
Both of these teams had terrible performances, but we're still going to pick Renegades to win here just because they are a better team with a lot more experience. Even though they had a lacking game against Space Soldiers, part of it was due to their economy getting abolished on CT inferno which made it hard to string together any rounds. I would expect Renegades to turn it around in the second game and beat Grayhound, who just isn't as good of a team individually. 
Pick: Renegades
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